Who We Are

Prime Financial Consulting is a boutique financial advisory firm that aims to create value though intelligent insights on private wealth advisory, portfolio management and offshore investments.

PFC helps companies and individuals achieve tangible, high-impact results. Backed by years of experience, global reach and expertise – we provide clients the tools they need to make critical investment decisions that is grounded from fact-based research and our understanding.

We collaborate with our clients to appreciate their needs and work around those needs with a tailored financial solution. We have fine-tuned our understanding of our clients’ challenges by studying and analyzing the varying trends in the markets. PFC provides hands-on support and tools to help our clients build a high yielding investment portfolio.

Our fact-based approach to business relies on extensive proprietary research spanning various markets and trends. We provide unique insights into the gains, losses, and economics of each of these markets and into the preferences and behaviors of their stakeholders.

Our Competence


Our understanding of market trends and drivers helps us develop actionable strategies that create measurable long-term, high-impact returns for our clients. We uncover hidden opportunities and provide the evidence-based analysis to help clients make intelligent market decisions.

When PFC sees a viable investment opportunity, our team digs deep into research considering businesses that have the potential to last for generations – so your children can benefit from the investment decision that you do today. Years of discipline, experience and sound analysis has provided us with the acumen and mindset to identify asset classes that champions your goals – capital preservation and appreciation.

Our Commitment

PFC is passionate in helping clients shape the next generation of financial services. We intensely focus on helping our clients achieve and exceed their targets by over-delivering on our commitment.

Our word is our guarantee, and PFC prides itself in treating your investments like our own. We ensure maximum profit growth with minimal risks. Above all, PFC seeks to create value – for your trust and on your investment.

Our Results

Over the years, we pride ourselves in providing our clients above market returns compared to traditional asset classes. We beat market expectations through in-depth research on market trends and a plethora of investment portfolios.

When PFC finds a viable investment opportunity, we analyze the pros and cons it offers. Through our thorough research process, we calculate the amount of ROI your investment will make. We look at the risks of the investment to ensure that we are giving you the best possible scenarios for your portfolio.

Our Team

Our team will work with you to develop sound observations based on industry forecasts to assist you make strategic choices to thrive in a fast-changing global market.

With over 30 years of investment banking experience, George gathered his leadership mindset with Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase and CitiGroup. He has worked with various governments and multinational corporations in syndicating funds that fuel global growth and open various opportunities. Outside of the trading floor, Mr. Banks is seen spending time with his grandchildren and believes quality family time is truly the wealth that can never be matched by any gold or stock.

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Before joining PFC, Collin was head of Portfolio Management in the EU office of ABN AMRO Bank in the Netherlands - looking after its global asset allocation. His expertise includes equities, fixed income instruments and derivatives – meticulously chosen to add value to the overall holdings of the group. Like George, Collin looks forward to the weekends with family time and spoiling his two adorable toddlers.

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Maxwell has been around - as a stockbroker in the Chicago Stock Exchange to Real Estate Broker in Hongkong and as an insurance adviser in Australia. He understands the underlying value of assets over time with his vast experience in cross continental asset management looking at the best interest of high profile clients. He usually kicks his day off with a cold beer as a reward for surviving the turbulent swings in the day’s financial markets.

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Edwin loves to shoot and do target practice any time he gets. But inside the office, his focus is the clients’ wellbeing attending to their very needs with one goal in mind – establish the trust and erode any doubt. His client centric thinking as a manager for Thompson Reuters for 10 years as well as his experience with the BPO industry in India and the Philippines gives him the edge to know what to listen for in every client. He seeks to understand so that PFC and you can read the objectives at the same page all the time.

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John was Head of Research at Nomura Securities in Tokyo before joining PCF. Prior to this, he also worked as an Economist at Overseas Chinese Banking Corporation (OCBC) and as an investment analyst for Merrill Lynch for its Asian Operations. John’s love affair with Asia has kept him crusading for causes such as the environment and children. John is very active with socio-civic activities.

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Nick’s network involves high net worth individuals in the Middle East, who are looking to diversifying their portfolios in Europe and North America. He was with the Dubai Investment Management Corporation before moving in with PFC. His experience and wisdom over the years remain as one the invaluable assets for the organization to utilize as we as his vast contacts in the world of private banking.

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As head of operations, Bella looks at running the day to day affairs of the office with ease and comfort and makes sure that PFC’s partnerships and alliances with major financial institutions and global banks are efficiently in order – so the client can transact smoothly without difficulty. She used to work with the World Bank handling Latin American operations in Brazil before joining PFC.

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Luke took his Masters of Law at Washington University and joined PFC immediately thereafter. His expertise is to gather legal wisdom on your investments and holdings as well as recommend avenues where one can save on taxes and incentives. He fully understands the legal repercussions of your asset holdings and direct avenues to maximize your portfolio allocations with the barest of profit and income restraints.

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What We Do

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Private Wealth Advisory

We enhance our clients’ financial situation by providing a plethora of investments they can choose from. We work closely with clients by setting and achieving short-term, medium-term and long-term investment goals and assist them cut into the complexity of getting involved in various markets. Our Private Wealth Advisory services incorporates sound financial planning and an investment discipline that is tailored for the meticulous requirements of our high net worth clients.

PFC provides expert advice and insights that help you make better financial decisions, increase your household wealth and create a more secure future.

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Portfolio Management

At PFC, we personalize portfolios based on the clients’ investment appetite. We can assist you identify the markets and sectors you need in your portfolio by providing you with necessary information for each of your options.

Professional opinion is matched with a client’s investment objectives and appetite for risk. Our global network and affiliation with various financial institutions in the industry give us that unique advantage to tap the best the investment world can offer, and in return pass along this opportunity to our clients.

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Offshore Investments

PFC assists clients in finding offshore investments in various markets that seek to reduce tax liabilities.

More than lessening tax liability, offshore investments often shield a client’s assets through the elimination of the likelihood for government duties and can be a fruitful venture for our clients. Investments offshore can help clients protect their assets, maximize profits, expand operations base, and purchase assets anonymously.

Markets and Sectors

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Technology Based Start Ups

PFC looks into technology-based companies whose stocks will help increase our clients’ wealth portfolio. Technology startups use scientific and technological knowledge systematically and continuously to produce new goods or services with high added value.

Tech startups usually need investors to ensure that their technological advancement reaches the public. We have connected numerous tech startups with the right investors. Their contribution to scientific development has since been benefitting the public.

As tech startups are high-risk investments, PFC warrants that we have exhausted all possible means of research before suggesting an investment in a startup. PFC will provide you with in-depth research on a startup company to help you decide on investing in a startup.

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Pharmaceutical stocks reward investors with dividends and growth. Investors need to take calculated risks as drugs could fail to gain the approval of the Food and Drug Administration.

Through research, PFC can provide clients with the necessary data needed to take calculated risks in the pharmaceutical sector. PFC studies the rise and fall of pharma stock prices and other factors to provide our clients with the most viable pharma stocks to invest in.

We make sure that your investment in pharmaceutical stocks will prove profitable for you. More than investing in trusted names in the pharma industry, PFC studies the viability of upcoming pharma stocks. We study the risks and gains of your options and provide you with expert opinion on which pharmaceutical companies to invest in.

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Manufacturing is a stable sector that attracts many investors. With so many manufacturing companies looking for more investors, PFC promises to help you make informed decisions on which companies you should invest in. PFC studies market trends to show you the risks and gains of investing in the manufacturing sector.

PFC also delves into finding viable investments in small manufacturing companies. These companies sell their stocks at relatively lower prices, ensuring high-yield profits for our clients in the long run. We take pride in knowing that PFC conducts thorough market research to identify and suggest new investments in the manufacturing sector.

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Global Real Estate

It may be observed that the global real estate market is on a transition this year. With its weak performance as a sector in the past five years, real estate is re-inventing itself as a business sector by accommodating technology-driven demands and changes in business operations.

The evolution of real estate is an exciting phase in investing in said sector. These movements may cause an erratic movement in the prices of real estate stocks. PFC has partnered with various real estate consultancies worldwide to be able to provide our clients with expert opinion on where to buy prime real estate in almost anywhere in the world.

These partnerships allow PFC to provide our clients with the perfect addition to their steadily-growing portfolio. Furthermore, working closely with real estate moguls all over the world allows PFC to advise clients on what properties they can liquidate for maximum profit.

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Financial Investments

Millennial Buyer Behavior will have a huge impact on the trends in the investment industry. Deloitte foresees that investments in technology, wealth movement, and risk management will be big gainers this year.

PFC conducts intensive research into market trends to ensure that clients get value for their money. Our method ensures that our clients achieve and exceed their target profit goal.

As times change, PFC continually studies buyer behavior to provide clients with informed opinion on where to invest their money. More than managing and expanding our clients’ portfolios, we ensure that the additional investments will increase our clients’ wealth.

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Since 2008, cryptocurrencies have steadily built a decentralized digital cash system. London Trust Media foresees national governments taking great strides towards instituting cashless societies using digital currencies. Through this, cryptocurrencies will see increased use from all sectors.

To date, Bitcoin remains the strongest player in the cryptocurrency market. PFC continually studies this emerging sector to provide our clients with the best solutions and updates in the sector.

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PFC prides itself with a personal understanding of our client’s financial well-being and look forward to nurturing relationships that stand the test of time whatever the financial markets may bring. Our team will work hand in hand with you having your goals in mind as to where you would like to maximize your returns.

When you open an account with PFC, you establish a partnership of trust and understanding. You trust that PFC has the best financial strategy to achieve your investment objectives. And we understand and treasure this trust by regularly keeping you up to date with your investments and assisting you every step of the way.

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